UPEIDA to exhibit UP’s transformational journey through an expo from February 19-21

  UPEIDA to exhibit UP’s transformational journey through an expo from February 19-21

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh Expressway Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA) will showcase the transformational journey of the state in the exhibition to be held on the sidelines of the Groundbreaking Ceremony@IV (GBC@IV) from February 19 to 21 at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan in Lucknow. The Yogi government is going to implement projects worth Rs 10 lakh crore through GBC@IV.

The prominent features of UPEIDA’s displays during the three-day exhibition to be held on an area of 75 square meters, will be advanced development of expressways, its key technological features, ongoing development projects under the Defence Corridor, and the establishment and operation of EV charging stations.

Notably, the exhibition will serve as a medium to showcase the current progress and future possibilities of the state but also raise people’s awareness about it.

The exhibition will offer a cutting-edge multimedia experience, featuring state-of-the-art LED televisions and P2 high-quality LED walls. These dynamic displays, complemented by meticulously crafted brochures and leaflets, will serve as a captivating canvas, highlighting the vast investment opportunities and the latest advancements in expressways, the Defence Corridor, and EV charging infrastructure across the state.

Moreover, visitors will be treated to a visual journey through captivating short films, showcasing the evolving landscapes and groundbreaking developments in expressway networks, defence infrastructure, and sustainable mobility solutions. Advertisements and short clips will further underscore the achievements and progressive policies of the state government, fostering a deeper appreciation for Uttar Pradesh’s transformative journey.

To enrich the visitor experience, the exhibition stall will feature an array of eye-catching flex boards, banners, and display standees, offering diverse information through various media channels. Additionally, investors will receive thoughtful mementos including diaries, souvenirs, and high-quality 8 GB drive cards, ensuring a lasting impression of their engagement with Uttar Pradesh’s investment landscape.

3D models of defence equipment will garner attention

At the heart of the exhibition, striking 3D models of defence equipment will command attention, offering a tangible representation of Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to innovation and security. These meticulously crafted models of missiles, tanks and aircraft. illuminated with captivating lighting and adorned with intricate details, will create an immersive experience for the viewers.

With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, the stall will boast an impressive facade towering at a height of 15 feet, complete with strategically positioned entry and exit points. Inside, a well-organized layout ensures seamless navigation for investors and dignitaries, with dedicated spaces for conferences, working stations, reception areas, and display shelves.



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