Twitter Spaces is now accessible to people without accounts

 Twitter Spaces is now accessible to people without accounts

Twitter Spaces was launched in November 2020 to compete with Facebook’s Clubhouse. Any user with a Twitter account was allowed to join a space, but only Twitter account holders with a minimum of 600 followers were allowed to host a space. Now, a year after its launch, a few major updates have been released that are aimed at widening the reach of Twitter Spaces to users across the web. Most notably, Twitter says that accessing the Spaces section will no longer require a Twitter account.

Thanks to this update, users can share direct links to Spaces with others, and invitees can attend the sessions even without logging into their accounts. Users without Twitter accounts can also access Spaces via Twitter’s Web version.

However, there are a few restrictions to these changes. At the moment, these updates are limited to the web browser. It is expected that Twitter will extend this feature to its Android and iOS app in the coming months. Also, non-account holders will not have the option of hosting Spaces or engaging in conversations, but can simply access the audio. Twitter Spaces currently allows up to 13 members to speak in a single session (this includes a host and two cohosts).

Twitter has made several changes recently in the Spaces section to enhance user experience. All account holders, including those using the app version, can host a Space, even if the number of followers on their accounts is below 600. Another change has allowed hosts to record their audio sessions, which gives them access to the same for 30 days. The recording and replay features allow users to listen to audio conversations even after their conclusion. They are expected to arrive soon for Android users. In order to take advantage of the full set of benefits, it is suggested that users sign up for a new Twitter account.


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