Shanti International School Annual Day Celebration Receives Acclaim

 Shanti International School Annual Day Celebration Receives Acclaim

New Delhi: Shanti International School Noida marked the culmination of 2023 with a spectacular Annual Day Celebration on December 26th. Held at the Auditorium, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, the event garnered enthusiastic reviews from parents who witnessed an extraordinary display of talent and creativity.

The distinguished presence of Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma, Additional DSP, G B Nagar, Noida, and Prof. Ravindra Kumar Sinha, Vice-Chancellor, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, as our esteemed Chief Guests, added to the inspiration of the evening.

The theme of the celebration, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” left the audience in awe, with some moved to tears of ecstasy. The profound impact of the program showcased the unity of society through the exceptional performances of our talented students.

Principal Sadhvi Verma, the guiding force behind the event, made this extraordinary evening possible through her keen vision and understanding of the contemporary world. The theme’s relevance resonated with parents, instilling pride in their connection to the school family, Shanti International School, Noida.

The event not only highlighted the excellence of the school but also showcased the dedication and commitment of the teachers. The seamless coordination and efforts of the teaching staff under Principal Sadhvi Verma’s leadership played a pivotal role in making the celebration a resounding success.

Shanti International School continues to stand out as a beacon of educational excellence, nurturing not only academic achievement but also fostering a sense of global citizenship and unity among its students.

In essence, the Annual Day Celebration not only showcased the best of Shanti International School but also underscored the invaluable role played by the dedicated teachers and the visionary leadership of Principal Sadhvi Verma in shaping the future of the students.


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