Noida Authority News: Yogi Government and Noida Authority CEO Trust Vijay Raval’s Leadership as DGM

 Noida Authority News: Yogi Government and Noida Authority CEO Trust Vijay Raval’s Leadership as DGM

Noida Authority News: In a recent development, Mr. Vijay Kumar Raval, the Deputy General Manager of Noida Authority, has been promoted to the position of Deputy General Manager (DGM). Previously holding the role of Senior Manager, Raval has demonstrated commendable leadership skills, particularly during his tenure as the head of the Public Health Department’s work circle.

About Vijay Kumar Raval: Vijay Kumar Raval assumed the position of Manager at Noida Authority in 2009, showcasing his dedication to public service. Recognized for his outstanding performance, he earned a promotion to Senior Manager in 2018. His responsibilities expanded to overseeing the Public Health Department’s work circle, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to various administrative roles.

In addition to his achievements, Vijay Kumar Raval currently manages critical roles in Work Circle Two, serving as the in-charge Senior Manager of the Work Circle, Sports Committee, and Noida Sports. His significant contributions have played a pivotal role in propelling Noida to the 11th position in the cleanliness campaign, a noteworthy feat from the 150th position.

Moreover, Raval has successfully navigated three legal cases, safeguarding approximately ₹1200 crores of the authority’s funds. Despite facing several allegations during his 14-year tenure, Raval has emerged victorious, proving his efficiency and commitment to his responsibilities.

As he takes on the new role of Deputy General Manager, Raval is set to lead key projects, including the Bhangel Elevated Road, Chilla Elevated Road, and the Golf Course, demonstrating a keen focus on accelerating stalled major projects in line with the CEO’s vision.

However, challenges await Vijay Kumar Raval, as he stands at the crossroads of Yogi Government’s expectations and the trust placed in him by the Noida Authority CEO. Negotiating these challenges will be crucial for Raval as he assumes this pivotal role in shaping Noida’s developmental trajectory.

Vijay Kumar Raval’s promotion to Deputy General Manager reflects not only his professional accomplishments but also his resilience and dedication to transforming Noida into a model city.


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