IPS Vidya Sagar Mishra: From PPS to DCP Noida, A Journey of Excellence

 IPS Vidya Sagar Mishra: From PPS to DCP Noida, A Journey of Excellence

Noida Police: In a recent development, the Uttar Pradesh government has bestowed new responsibilities upon officers elevated from the State Police Service to the Indian Police Service. Vidya Sagar Mishra, with an exemplary track record, recently promoted from PPS to IPS, has been appointed as the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for Noida.

Known for his commendable service, Mishra has been handling critical responsibilities in Noida as DCP, overseeing areas such as Headquarters, Police Line, Protocol, and the Social Media Cell. His diligent work since his arrival in Noida has earned him recognition and trust in managing diverse portfolios.

During his tenure as PPS, Vidya Sagar Mishra showcased exceptional performance across various districts, leaving a positive impact in places like Saharanpur, Pratapgarh, and several others. His experience and dedication to maintaining law and order have been commendable.

Hailing from Ballia district, Vidya Sagar Mishra pursued his education, completing his BSc and simultaneously delving into the field of law. His academic achievements, coupled with a legal background, add a valuable dimension to his multifaceted profile.

Vidya Sagar Mishra is not only recognized as a proficient police officer but is also known as a good-natured individual. His commitment to public service and dedication to upholding the principles of law enforcement have made him a respected figure in the police force. The appointment of Mishra as DCP Noida is viewed as a strategic move by the Uttar Pradesh government, recognizing officers who bring both expertise and a positive ethos to their roles.



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