Gandhi Jayanti 2023: A One-Hour Volunteer Tribute to Bapu: ‘SwachhAnjali’

 Gandhi Jayanti 2023: A One-Hour Volunteer Tribute to Bapu: ‘SwachhAnjali’

Gandhi Jayanti 2023: District Magistrate Manish Kumar Varma dedicated one hour of voluntary service to Bapu in the ‘SwachhAnjali’ sector-137 area near Felix Hospital on Sunday morning at 10 AM, on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. Clean India is a collective responsibility. DM Manish Kumar Varma stated, ‘Understanding the importance of cleanliness is a matter of pride for our society because cleanliness is a crucial step toward a healthy and prosperous India.’ Dr. D.K. Gupta also emphasized the significance of cleanliness in relation to health, saying, ‘Cleanliness is not only essential for our immediate environment but also extremely important for our health. Through cleanliness, we can keep diseases at bay and enjoy a healthy and happy life. Therefore, all of us should commit to understanding the importance of cleanliness and its connection to health.’

Dr. D.K. Gupta, the founder of Felix Hospital, highlighted the necessity of cleanliness for better health. In this regard, everyone should adopt cleanliness, and it is also essential to raise awareness about cleanliness among others. Cleanliness means keeping the surroundings clean, which is of utmost importance. It’s not just about cleaning our homes but also keeping our neighborhoods clean. In our culture and religion, cleanliness holds special importance. Cleanliness keeps both the body and mind healthy. If we don’t maintain cleanliness around us, there’s a fear of diseases spreading. The more dirt there is around us, the harder it is for us to stay healthy, and we will face various health-related issues. We should clean our surroundings, including our homes, gardens, and neighborhoods. It’s the duty of every citizen to avoid littering and dispose of waste properly.

Mahatma Gandhi also emphasized cleanliness. In these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are giving more priority to cleanliness and regularly washing their hands. Despite people being aware of the importance of cleanliness, they often neglect small things, like littering while traveling in vehicles, which is wrong. Many roads have litter strewn around, which spreads filth. This not only affects us but also harms animals. For example, plastic waste on the streets can be mistakenly ingested by cows, leading to their death. To make life beautiful and healthy, it’s necessary to keep our bodies, homes, and surroundings clean. Just as we keep our bodies clean, which is essential, maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings is also crucial. It’s essential to educate children about the importance of cleanliness. Everyone should understand the significance of cleanliness and practice it. People should keep their surroundings clean, just like they keep their homes clean. Morning prayers at religious places also involve the worship of cleanliness. In such places, people should refrain from littering and dispose of waste properly. Cleanliness of the mind and body helps a person succeed in life and aids in contemplation and meditation. Other prominent individuals who participated in this program included Dr. Rashmi Gupta, Abhishek Gupta, Payal Bhayana, Vinod Joshi, Daljit Chopra, Satpal Sharma, Akhil Chaturvedi, Hemant Kumar, and Reema Chauhan, who contributed to this event after understanding the importance of cleanliness.”


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