Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Inaugurates ‘Lake Queen Cruise’ at Ramgarh Taal, Unveiling Plans for Inland Waterway Authority to Enhance Cruise Services and Drive Tourism and Employment Opportunities

 Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Inaugurates ‘Lake Queen Cruise’ at Ramgarh Taal, Unveiling Plans for Inland Waterway Authority to Enhance Cruise Services and Drive Tourism and Employment Opportunities

Gorakhpur: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Friday, said that in Uttar Pradesh, which is called a land-locked state, the government has formed the Inland Water Way Authority to start inland waterway service in rivers like Rapti, Saryu, Ganga, and Yamuna. This will promote cruise services and generate employment on a large scale.

Inaugurating the Queen Lake Cruise as a unique centre of tourism in the Ramgarh Tal, the Chief Minister said, “In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision, the development of tourism facilities is underway in the state. Roads are being transformed from two lanes to four lanes, six lanes, eight lanes, and twelve lanes. Uttar Pradesh also boasts excellent rail and air connectivity.”

He further stated that despite this, UP was referred to as a landlocked state. But Prime Minister Modi has devised a solution. Under his guidance, a cruise is being operated by creating an inland waterway in the Ganga River from Varanasi to Haldia. To promote cruise services, the Inland Waterway Authority has also been established in UP.

The Chief Minister said that Gorakhpur has received a new gift in the form of a modern cruise equipped with modern facilities today. The special thing is that local workers have contributed to preparing this cruise. The better we keep our city, the more possibilities for tourism and development will increase, along with the generation of new employment opportunities. It is somewhat like a life cycle. Therefore, if there is security and a good atmosphere, people from outside will come here.

“Investment will happen in every sector, fostering progress in the city, the state, and the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a developed India by 2047 will materialize, bringing prosperity into the lives of all citizens,” he noted.

The Chief Minister highlighted the transformation of Ramgarh Tal over the past six years, emphasizing that it has evolved into a new tourist destination. Comprehensive infrastructure developments, including the construction of roads and footpaths, have greatly contributed to this positive change. Seeing the sparkling lights here, people can hardly believe that they are still in Gorakhpur. In collaboration with the Gorakhpur Development Authority (GDA) and the Tourism Department has been directed to enhance water sports activities for further progress.

In the inauguration ceremony of the cruise, Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh said, “This is a proud occasion for Gorakhpur. The lake, which was once synonymous with dirt and neglect, now has a cruise service. The Tourism Department is consistently developing religious and historical sites in every assembly constituency.”

In the ceremony, Anand Vardhan, the Vice-Chairman of the Gorakhpur Development Authority, expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister by presenting a memento.

After inaugurating the cruise, CM Yogi inspected the cruise and enjoyed a boat ride, experiencing the beauty of Ramgarh Taal. The construction of Lake Queen Cruise has incurred a cost of more than Rs 12 crores. The cruise is equipped with facilities akin to a five-star hotel. It offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The three-storey cruise covers an area of 2700 square feet, along with a waiting platform. It has three decks with a capacity of 150 people and a highly specialized cabin for 15 people. A cruise ride lasting up to two hours can be enjoyed in a single trip.

On this occasion, State Agriculture Minister Surya Pratap Shahi, MP Kamlesh Paswan, Mayor Dr Manglesh Srivastava, MLA Rajesh Tripathi, Mahendrapal Singh, Vimlesh Paswan Vipin Singh, Pradeep Shukla, MLC Dr Dharmendra Singh, BJP regional president Sahajanand Rai, District President Yudhishthir Singh, Metropolitan President Rajesh Gupta, etc. were present.


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