#BiharPolitics: Valmiki Nagar LokSabha Election 2024 – Candidates, Strengths, and Challenges

 #BiharPolitics: Valmiki Nagar LokSabha Election 2024 – Candidates, Strengths, and Challenges

New Delhi, December 16, 2023:  #BiharPolitics The upcoming 2024 general election is poised to bring intense political competition to the Valmiki Nagar Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar. Currently held by Sunil Kumar of the Janata Dal (United), this historically NDA stronghold is now witnessing a shift in dynamics following the dissolution of the NDA alliance in Bihar. As the race unfolds, several candidates are emerging as potential contenders, each with unique strengths and weaknesses that could shape the political landscape of this constituency.

Today we are talking about the possible candidates from the Valmiki Nagar Lok Sabha Constituency for the 2024 election.

Sunil Kumar (Janata Dal (United))


Sunil Kumar, the incumbent MP from Valmiki Nagar, holds several strengths that have contributed to his political standing in the region. As a seasoned representative, he brings a wealth of experience in addressing the concerns of the constituency. Belonging to the influential Kushwaha community, Kumar has successfully garnered support from this sizable voter base. His association with the Janata Dal (United) further solidifies his political standing, providing him with a party-backed foundation.


However, Sunil Kumar is not without challenges. The anti-incumbency factor, a common hurdle for sitting MPs, poses a threat to his re-election prospects. Additionally, the breakup of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Bihar has created a complex political landscape, potentially eroding some of the traditional support for the alliance that he represents. Navigating these challenges will require adept political maneuvering.

Satish Chandra Dubey (Bharatiya Janata Party)


Satish Chandra Dubey, a former MP and current Rajya Sabha member, brings a wealth of political experience to the table. Recognized as a strong and active candidate, his endorsement by senior BJP leaders, including Amit Shah, bolsters his credibility. This backing signals a strong support network within the party, indicating his prominence.


Dubey’s transition from the Rajya Sabha to the Lok Sabha may present a challenge, as the dynamics and responsibilities significantly differ. Furthermore, the recent political upheavals within the BJP in Bihar could cast a shadow on his candidacy, potentially affecting his ability to navigate the intricacies of the evolving political landscape.

A.P. Pathak (Bharatiya Janata Party)


A.P. Pathak, a retired government official, brings to the table a strong record of public service. His association with the Babu Dham Trust, contributing to social welfare, enhances his image as a community-focused leader. Being a popular figure in the region adds to his appeal as a candidate.


Pathak’s limited political experience may present a challenge in a competitive election environment. The internal challenges within the BJP in Bihar may affect his candidacy, requiring adept navigation through the political intricacies to secure widespread support.

Deepak Yadav (Bharatiya Janata Party)


Deepak Yadav, a prosperous businessman, boasts considerable financial resources that can be leveraged during the election campaign. His affiliation with the Yadav community, a significant support base within the BJP, adds to his electoral appeal. Being a popular figure in the region, Yadav’s local influence could resonate positively among voters.


Despite his financial prowess, Yadav lacks political experience, potentially leaving him vulnerable to the complexities of political maneuvering. The internal discord within the BJP in Bihar further complicates his candidacy, as the party’s divisions may impact the overall support he receives.

Chirag Paswan’s Entry and BJP’s Internal Dynamics

The political landscape in the Valmiki Nagar Lok Sabha constituency has witnessed a significant development with the entry of Chirag Paswan into the fray. The Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), led by Chirag Paswan, has put forth a robust candidacy for this seat, challenging the traditional dominance of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Political analysts note that Chirag Paswan, along with the unwavering support of key party figures, including Pradesh Adhyaksh (State President) and former legislator Raju Tiwari, has presented a formidable challenge.

BJP’s Internal Turmoil

The unfolding scenario is intricately linked to the internal dynamics within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Bihar. The phrase “BJP’s breakup in Bihar” encapsulates the recent political developments and internal discord within the party. Chirag Paswan’s decision to field a strong candidate on this seat, along with the likelihood of this constituency aligning with opposition alliances, has created ripples within the BJP.

Challenges for BJP

If Valmiki Nagar were to sway towards opposition alliances, it would mark a departure from the BJP’s historical stronghold in the region. This potential shift has prompted intensified preparations among BJP leaders, with an eye on fortifying their political standing. Notably, the candidature of Upendra Kushwaha, supported by his appeal as a leader from the Kushwaha community, adds another layer of complexity to the BJP’s strategic considerations.

In the midst of these considerations, the Valmiki Nagar Lok Sabha constituency is poised for a closely contested election, with each candidate facing a unique set of challenges and opportunities that will shape the course of the 2024 general election.

Valmiki Nagar Lok Sabha Constituency: Political Details

Location: Bihar, India

Constituency Type: General

Number of Assembly Segments: 6

Current MP: Sunil Kumar (Janata Dal (United) – JD(U))

Recent Elections:

  • 2020 By-election: JD(U) candidate Sunil Kumar won with 403,360 votes, defeating the nearest rival Congress candidate Pravesh Kumar Mishra by over 22,000 votes.
  • 2019 General Election: JD(U) candidate Baidyanath Prasad Mahto won with 601,227 votes, defeating the nearest rival Congress candidate Shashwat Kedar by 353,908 votes.
  • 2014 General Election: BJP candidate Satish Chandra Dubey won with 363,860 votes, defeating the nearest rival Congress candidate Purnmasi Ram.

Political Landscape:

  • Traditionally, Valmiki Nagar has been a JD(U) stronghold. However, the BJP has also made significant inroads in recent elections.
  • The constituency has a diverse population with significant Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), and Muslim voters. These groups play a crucial role in determining the outcome of elections.
  • The upcoming 2024 General Election will be interesting to watch as JD(U), Congress, and RJD have formed an alliance in Bihar, while BJP is set to fight alone.

Other Important Details:

  • Literacy rate: 44.71%
  • SC voters: 14.8%
  • ST voters: 9.2%
  • Muslim voters: 20.1%



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