On the Run: Main Suspect Still Evades Ramnagar Police 20 Days After Violent Attack in West Champaran, Bihar

 On the Run: Main Suspect Still Evades Ramnagar Police 20 Days After Violent Attack in West Champaran, Bihar

Patna: In a disturbing incident during the ceremony for the installation of Ram Lalla’s idol in Bihar on January 22, a man fell victim to a brutal attack in the West Champaran district. Thanks to the assistance of local residents and law enforcement, the victim, Ravi Tiwari, was rescued, and his life was spared. Subsequently, an investigation was launched by the police, marked by the filing of an FIR. Despite concerted efforts by the authorities, the prime suspect, Manish Pandey, remains at large even twenty days after the incident. SP Sushant Kumar Saroj has instructed the SDPO to spearhead the investigation, with a mandate to apprehend the culprits.

The incident unfolded in the Harinagar area, situated within the jurisdiction of the Ramnagar police station in West Champaran district. Approximately 30 assailants carried out their violent agenda amidst a gathering of around 100 individuals. Their victim was targeted outside his residence before the perpetrators made their escape. Notably, the incident occurred in close proximity to the Hanuman temple gate, a mere 20 steps away from Harinagar station, where crowds had assembled for the Ram Lalla idol installation ceremony.

This episode underscores a disturbing lack of fear of law enforcement among criminals in Bihar. The police have responded by filing an FIR and launching a thorough investigation. While two perpetrator has been apprehended, efforts are ongoing to capture the remaining culprits. Ravi Tiwari, the victim, resides opposite Harinagar station, where the attack occurred. Thankfully, his condition remains stable, and he is currently receiving medical treatment.

The individuals responsible for this heinous act, including ,Manish Pandey, Dasrath Thakur, Shatrughna Thakur, and others believed to be the masterminds, have been identified. However, the motives behind the attack and the instigators’ identities remain undisclosed. SP Sushant Kumar Saroj of Bagaha personally oversees the case and assures the public that all perpetrators will be brought to justice swiftly.  



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