‘Very Bad news’ for PUBG Mobile fans in India

 ‘Very Bad news’ for PUBG Mobile fans in India

‘Very Bad news’ for PUBG Mobile fans in India

If you were waiting for PUBG Mobile to relaunch in India then there’s some bad news for you. PUBG Mobile was expected to make a comeback in India by end of December 2020 or early January 2021. But it turns out that the wait could be longer and the South Korean company– Krafton– which is spearheading the launch in India has nothing concrete to say about the official rollout. Meanwhile, the newly launched PUBG: New State is not coming to India.

As per a report by Sportskeeda, gamers in India will not be able to pre-register for PUBG: New State. Krafton is waiting for the green light from the government to relaunch the game and no one knows as to how much time it will take or if at all the government allows the game. Thankfully, Krafton hasn’t given up hopes just yet but it would be interesting to see whether PUBG Mobile players in India will continue to have the same interest to play the game after this delay.

PUBG Mobile withdrew its franchise partnership with China-based Tencent Games in a bid to shed its ‘Chinese tag’. Krafton, based in South Korea, is a video game holding company that owns PUBG Corporation. After the ban in India, PUBG Corporation said in September that it is “hoping to work hand-in-hand with the Indian government to find a solution”.

The makers of PUBG Mobile founded a new company in India called PUBG India Private Limited after the approval of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The company is already listed on the ministry’s website with a valid Corporate Identity Number (CIN) and registered office in Bengaluru. This company is a subsidiary of PUBG Corporation, creator of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and a subsidiary of South Korea’s Krafton Inc.

There’s a new version of the game as well exclusively for the Indian market called PUBG Mobile India. The new version is said to be set in a virtual simulation training ground, new characters automatically starting clothed, and green hit effects to reflect the virtual nature of the game. Also, there will be time limits as to how long you can play.

The game was expected to arrive for Android users in India by the end of 2020 while iPhone users were expecting to play the game in January. But there seems to be little hope about PUBG Mobile coming to India any time soon.



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